Shootmephrenia: Kill Yourself To Win - Free Download

This is my first Unreal Engine 4 game and I made it as a part of the 7DFPS game jam. Before that I released a game called Last Knight with the UDK. (Still doing stuff on that now and then).

In Shootmephrenia you have to shoot no one but yourself. Basically you have to ricochet your bullet over panels back to you and then you have to catch it. The visuals are pretty glitchy, trippy and the gameplay pretty tricky. There are just a few small levels in it since I had only 7 days time and I learned of UE4 while making it.

There is lots of material fx going on, like transparent distorted masking based on world position which is also animated, glitchy vertex movement, wavey vertex movements, pixels that seems to move over the surfaces etc. With the material system and deferred rendering it is just a little sad that you can’t do that heavy stylized stuff with custom lighting. Metals are very nice and shiny though! :slight_smile:

With the ragdoll animation I had my problems, I still don’t know if it is my fault or there is something wrong with the engine. I at least never had these problems in the UDK or UT3. The solution I ended up with is to just use the basic ragdoll of the third person example skeleton. It is also a bit glitchy but that fits at least to the game, if you happen to know more here is the thread I made on it:

Blueprint was a bit of a shock for me where I came from Kismet scripting (Blueprints communication, variables transformation, hundreds of different nodes etc.). It is definitely much more programmer orientated but also allows for much more possibilities. But in the end I managed to get everything done plus some cool fancy things which I also have to thank the people here and on Answerhub for! I might put up a thread in the Feedback section on what I think could be better with Blueprint, especially easier. I also miss using Matinee for all kinds of stuff while these BP “value over time animations” are a good addition. Oh and thank god for quickly compiling and jumping in the game, well, thanks Epic! Lots of try and error is what I made.

With the new animation system I still have to look in more, because that was pretty confusing and because of time constraints I just hijacked the animations of the examples.

Overall I’m really loving UE4 but it still has a lot of rough edges, at least from my point of view.

Here is a cool turnaround that shows the concept of the game pretty well:
Shootmephrenia Scene by TocoGamescom on Sketchfab

You can download the game for free here:

If you happen to be too lazy to kill yourself in a game (or have any other reason) you can also watch Matt Shea do it in this video:
That exploit is fixed plus some fancy picture-in-picture views added:

This game is crazy fun. The style, dark humor and visuals are fantastic. The mechanics are very original and I can say that I have never played anything quite like that.

Howdy Davision,

Fantastic work on this project! I Was able to download it and play a couple of level and I had a blast doing so. Keep up the great work!

Great concept!

hahaha, this is awesome!

ive tried it and i like it so far! Really cool idea!

Did you model your fps hands and gun by yourself or did you downloaded it somewhere?

Are there any tuts out there for blender which show how to set up fps hands with animations?

Thanks, nice to hear!

Actually that fpv hand is of a old model I made for UT3 but I ended up using no skeleton/animations of it. I simply attached it all to the FPV example hand since the animation of that is simple enough. The gun I modeled from scratch, I did no high poly for it though. But baked a ambient occlusion.
You can probably still find the UT3 First Person Hands, that were available to download for custom characters, somewhere.

cool thanks! I´ll check that out.

btw, ive played your game today again in the morning while i had a nice cup of coffee. kinda addictive :slight_smile: