Shooting range [game]

in this game there is somewhat realistic terminal ballistics. its not so polished but so far the idea is there. you can see the bullet penetrating thin steel easily, and the bullet gets redicted from the exithole. if you shoot several layers of thin steel, the effect becomes more prevalent. and you might even get ricochets bouncing back at you. then when it comes to really dense steel, the bullet cant penetrate. it instead fractures/melts on impact and shrapnel of the bullet flies off in nearby radius, popping balloons and splashing the water around the impact zone.

i want to refine the shrapnel effect a lot more but im not so educated yet on blueprints and code. the shrapnel should be more prevalent the closer to the steel target im shooting. and less if im far away. and also, depending on what angle the shrapnel should behave differently. if i shoot from a perpendicular angle the shrapnel should fly off on the Z and X axis. but not on the Y axis. like in this picture below:


here is a video of the effect, but with larger and exaggerated fragments so its more visible what is going on:

WOW this is amazing Physics for the bullets Great work m8 … This going to be a full game later or Tutorial or for sale?.. whats the vision…

so far i have a rough draft of a single player story and this shooting range. im adding things to it overtime. today i added health damage. so the shrapnel makes damage to the player. shrapnel takes 0.005 damage from player right now. and a direct hit from a bullet takes 0.25.

Looking good man love the richchet damage… awesome feature to fps that i dont see anywhere