Shooting Range Environment


This is our first post on unreal forum!
We have been selling our art on unreal engine, for quite some time now:

Anyway… We decided to make a WIP post, for users, that are buying our products and want to be more involved with the process.

At the moment, we are working on modular type environment: Shooting Range
This one will be based on our Airplane Hangar pack. We will take the hangar, strip it down and re-make it a bit. Also, add our scaffolding pack into it, for second floor.

Our basic asset list is this:

  • modular wall pieces and door (different colors and materials)
  • modular lobby/table
  • modular scaffolding for second floor, that will be above the shooting range
  • modular floors (different colors and materials)

For basic props:

  • generic barrels, tires and things like that
  • pipes
  • sandbags
  • industrial lights

Unique shooting range props and assets

  • Overall shooting range system: sliding line, booths, headphones and so on)
  • different ‘‘bad guy’’ cutouts for shooting
  • human manikin for sniper training

This is our goal, at the moment, but we are always open for cool ideas!

Some WIP images of the things, that we already made!
At the moment, we are testing and playing around with walls and some props. In the same time, we are testing it with **VR **too!