Shooting ragdoll help

Hi. I am attempting to knock a mannequin over when hit with the projectile from the BP FPS Template. I would relrea like the hit to push back the area that was hit, then I guess I would disable simulate physics and resume whatever animation. Kinda like if I was punching mannequin.

I was using the basic FPS template. I put a 3rd person mannequin in level and shot at him with standard fps gun. Inside mannequin BP (on hit static mesh - set simulate physics to true). The mannequin would collapse but not carry over any energy from the impact of the projectile.

Tried playing with a wider collision spheres (trigger) that would activate simulate physics and hopefully not cause problem with the projectile. This isn’t really an elegant solution.

I also made sure the projectile wasn’t destroying itself, like it originally does in its BP

Couldn’t get mannequin to fall different base on where hit.

Thought about using complex knock back animations and such then going to ragdoll when unconscious but wondering if there is an easier way?

Has anyone been through this already?


Are bumps allowed in these forums? I apologize if they are not :frowning:

I think physical animations is what you are looking for. Look into it, there is alot of documentation and some good videos on YouTube

PHYSICAL ANIMATIONS! Why didn’t I think of that? Thanks friend!