Shooting linetrace in TPS - when strafing, first linetrace is innacurate

I have it set up so I shoot at linetrace from my character towards the center of the follow camera (at crosshair).
Whenever I START strafing in a new direction, the very first linetrace will go beyond the center in that direction, all subsequent linetraces will be perfectly accurate.

Anyone recognize this issue and have any tips?

Issue demonstration in image as well as blueprints.

Aim vector start / end are used as parameters for the weapon doing the actual linetrace seen in the image.
In “Aim vector end” I draw a linetrace straight from the camera towards its forward vector, and in case it hits something, we use this as location as our end vector, otherwise just multiply it by a large number. This is to get an accurate trace towards the crosshair every time in Third Person. Note that the issue was present before implementing this fix as well.

I’m suspecting it has to do with Aim Vector Start where I’m using the ActorLocation as starting point.