Shooting limbs

Hi there

Need some info or ideas how to make shooting limbs for skeletal mesh like in Dead Space 3. Any ideas or tutorial are welcome.


i did not play dead space 3, but when you mean something like a arm mounted gun, best look up projectile
here is a howto

if you mean shooting of limbs, then you should do that with multiple collision areas, like one for each separatable part, and remove the constraint on the connection to the next part when you let the entity die, before letting the physics take over the movement of the entity(ragdoll system)

Thanks. Yes - about multiple collision areas and remove constraints:

time - 3:14

yeah deadspace does that and then goes one step further by switching the animation blueprint and the skeleton to change to a totally different set of locomotion animations,

when you did not set up the ragdoll of your stuff that would be your starting point

when you did set ragdoll up and there is no option in the physics asset tool for it, you should open a new more specific question like "how to break ragdoll constraints to remove limbs"

this guy is trying to do something totaly different but he, just like you need to work on the skletal mesh constraints