shooting in matenee

I’ve got my skeletal mesh in my level and I have my skeletal mesh of the weapon. My main question is,how do I use Matinee or Kismet to make him actually shoot it? Would I need to manually create the effects with a particle system or something?

Yeah, this might take a quite bit of effort depending on where you are with it - have you attached the weapon to your character? If not look into sockets in the documentation. From there you will need to set up the relevant animations on your skeletons, create montages from them which you play at the appropriate time via blueprint/matinee. If you want your character to actually shoot something rather than just look like he was shooting something you will need a blueprint or C++ to spawn a projectile or do a trace and put something in place to effect the other actor(s?) that will be shot at. The first person example content provides a basic projectile weapon that should give you some direction dig straight into the character class event graph and you should see what I mean. glhf