Shooting Game

I Decided to change the game so it will be a bit easy I couldn’t get any zombie charaters so I changed

Iv got an ai that patrols and chases player when he sees him but how do I get on with the ai so when he sees him he shoots

I know it a new thread but its because the topics changed sorry for all the other threads I will stick to this one for now

Thank you for deciding to try to stick to one thread for your questions. It will make it a lot easier for everyone, especially you, if the information was contained in one space instead of spread around in the other 18-34 threads.

As for your current dilemma, you already have it chase the player, why not take that opportunity to make it shoot its weapon as well? Your AI already knows where the player is, just feed that information to the shooting routines.

If you don’t have any shooting routines, might I recommend looking over this tutorial right here. Scroll down to around this section:
*Now open event graph and add new variables:

isCheckingHit (bool, false),
isAttackingPlayer (bool, false),
LastFrameHandLocation (vector),*

That should push you in the right direction. Just remember that you are jumping into a tutorial that is already in-progress, so you may need to go back a few steps (to the beginning) and catch up.

Still working on the ai but first is there an easy way than following that tutorial as I will have to go through all but thanks anyway.
On My character i have line trace that works fine if this is reversed so that ai can use it would it still work and any ideas on how to do this as I should only need change a few thing on the location I guess