Shooting Gallery Help

Hi there, I am making a small little shooting gallery game in UE4, and I have been trying for a couple days just to make a scoring system. Could someone please give me some direction in how to make it so that one target being destroyed results in your point total going up?

I have already checked the swing man game demo, and that didn’t seem to help just due to the confusion.

This is one way how you can do it:

  1. create a score variable in your gamemode
  2. then create an actor bp with your target + a hit detection system (e.g trace or capsule collision) + connect the event with a cast to gamemode node and “set” the score variable from your gamemode - to the value you have to connect a “plus” node and to this node you have to connect the “get” gamemode variable and a value that you want to add :slight_smile: