Shooting animation

Hello guys, Beginner Game dev here. I am making a 3rd Person Endless Runner (for who knows how they work knows that unlimited tiles get spawned and you can modify any of them) with different game states. One of these game states is where my character enters a tile with walls and stuff and get ambushed by different enemies that he has too shoot with a rifle. Now here’s the fact

My character is supposed to Play a Jump animation (He’s not actually jumping but walking) as soon as he enters the game state, he will float in the air, kill everyone and land on the ground with a roll. I have three anim: The jump, The character floating in loop, and the roll animation. I can’t manage to make my character jump but instead he starts to float directly.

I tried to add a jump collision in the tile - EventOnComponentBeginOverlap- Play Animation but the character plays the jump animation but then he consume all the rest of the anims (so he doesn’t float or run or slide or whatever)

I tried to replace Play Anim Montage but he won’t play the montage at all for some reason.

I tried to touch a bit the animBlueprint but I didn’t manage to make it since the loop animation starts and he doesn’t even have the time to jump (I can’t add delay or whatever in animgraph) or the jump was working and the shooting too but my floating loop + aim offset was not working.

Can someone put me in the right way? I’m literally burning out trying to sort this out and i’m sure that it’s so simple for a veteran. I’ll manage to add the roll later on but this is my first concern now… I always struggle with animations. Thank you!