Shooting animation problems

Hello guys,

I would like to ask for some help.
I have to problems with animations, shooting especially.
I am using ALS V4, and I combined it with Weapon Component, the weapons are working correctly, but the animations are not.
I would like to play this shooting animation when I shoot with a rifle: Fire Rifle Ironsights 2020 11 28 15 29 58 - YouTube
But when I try to play the animation montage it won’t be played correctly.Unreal Editor 2020 11 28 15 31 51 - YouTube arms twitch a little but that’s all.
The other problem as you can see in the second video is that the weapon doesn’t look at the middle of the screen, where the projectile lands.

Can anyone help me in these problems?
Thank you for reading and thanks in advance.

In the montage there is a ease in and ease out value that determines where the blend occurs at the beginning and end of the take. If you set the values to 0 this will allow the full animation to play with out blending

Thank you for the tip.
I tried to set them to 0. It didn’t improve, here is the result.

Do you have any other idea?