Shootergame's ProjRocket_Explosion ceases to function after saving

A curious question about one of examples included.

In shootergame, there is a launcher weapon that explodes on impact by creating ‘ProjRocket_Explosion’ blueprint. However, if this blueprint is saved again - even if no changes were made - explosion particle effect and sound fail to draw from then on. Debug messages placed in code reveal it is still finding particle effect and sound, simply not playing them correctly (or possibly in right location)

Perhaps there is some sort of default value that is only being set when blueprint is opened in editor that is breaking this? Is this just my machine or install? I’ve reproduced it (with below steps) multiple times to same effect.

And so I humbly ask people more experienced than I: What precisely is happening to cause this?

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Download Shootergame 4.2 from marketplace section.
  2. Use play in editor, collect launcher ammo and fire launcher. Observe working explosion.
  3. Open ProjRocket_Explosion blueprint under Blueprints->Weapons
  4. Immediately, without changing any values, press save.
  5. Use play in editor, collect launcher ammo and fire launcher. Observe non-working explosion.

Thank you very much for your time.

Hey OhNoLab,

I was able to reproduce issue you described, and have entered a ticket into our bug database for our developers to look over. Thanks for your report!