ShooterGame sound system

Hi, I want to learn more from the ShooterGame sound system. I’ve seen that it uses stereo sounds with the first person mesh and mono sounds (with attenuation) with the third person mesh, through anim notifies. The problem is that if I use an anim notify on a third person mesh animation, I can hear the sound even if I’m using the first person mesh.
What can I do to have the sounds playing correctly?

As far as I know it doesn’t do anything of the sort.

The only thing they do have in SG is a ‘Local Sound Node’. Which is just a sound node you can place in the sound cue editor to choose different wave files depending on whether you’re the local client or another player.

Thanks for the reply, but where is this Local Sound Node? I can’t find it.

I found the class SoundNodeLocalPlayer, but it’s used only on UI health warning, so how does the jump sound have two different sounds for first person and third person?

Anyone knows it?

That’s the one, as far as I know that’s it. No other magic going on or different sounds as far as I can tell.

This is the jump stereo soundcue and there isn’t SoundNodeLocalPlayer:

This is the jump mono soundcue, same thing:

But here, on the third person animation there is the mono sound notify:

and on the first person animation there is the stereo sound notify:

If I delete a notify from the third person animation, I can’t listen the sound in multiplayer, else if I delete a notify from the first person animation, I can’t listen the sound on my client.


Interesting. Really, it’s that hard to set up sounds for multiplayer? Surely there’s some easier way.

did you ever figure out the sound stuff for Shooter Game?

The First-Person mesh is set to be only relevant to the owner (aka that particular client) - so animations and suchlike won’t play and therefore you won’t hear the sound. The Third-Person mesh is only relevant to non-owners, so again for the client, it won’t play the animations and therefore the sounds too.