ShooterGame sample question

Is this is possible to have a visual studios project when you create the project with epic games launcher?

I try to start a project from this but without a visual studios project it hard to do stuff like debug and visualize all the classes?

If I start for a FPS game from scratch it create the visual studios project for c++ but I prefer to start with a more complete project like ShooterGame and
change everything from there.

Any tips would be appreciated!

Thank you!

If the project doesn’t already have the Visual Studio solution files, open the projects folder in Windows Explorer then right click on the ShooterGame.uproject file (might be named differently, but the *.uproject file) and choose “Generate Visual Studio Project Files”. It will create the *.sln and other files needed for visual studio.

ah thanks for the tips, did not know that!

You make my day :slight_smile: