ShooterGame Project in blueprint. Tutorials how to use his assets

How is possible only high professional C++ programmers to having access to Shootergame???
I even can’t compile it if deleted its Binaries directory (VehicleGame I can!). I can’t import it in my blueprint project.
There are so many useless projects and tutorials, but for this great project there is no absolutely any tutorials for newbie and blueprints guys. In this case how to involve more developers??? The priorities are so broken …

It’s supposed to be a reference point for C++ Developers, it was never designed to be a Blueprint project nor a tutorial and there is no blueprint content in it. All of the content on the ‘Learn’ tab is designed for people to ‘Learn’ from, so outside of the content itself there isn’t much in the way of documentation or anything.

However, luckily for you Michael Allar has developed a Blueprint-based Shooter Game. It’s not the same as the Epic ShooterGame but it might be enough to get you started. You can find it here:

With all do respect but “Generic Shooter Sample Project” is not even close to the quality of ShooterGame of Epic. I just said that to absent quality/(tutorials in details) of this kind of the projects in learn tab is HUGE-HUGE mistake and oversight. Your goal should not to attract professionals (very little in huge firms already), but indie developers (which are millions, working as freelances in most cases)

I disagree, I think we’ve all got to start self-directed learning at some point! I didn’t know anything about C++ 18-months or so ago but got to grips with it relatively quickly. Speaking from experience, no amount of tutorials are going to help you learn C++ without you putting in significant effort from your side. You’ll have to learn the language yourself before any tutorial will help you, and at that point, you can work it out for yourself anyway.

Regardless of Quality, Generic Shooter Sample Project uses similar code methods to ShooterGame except it’s done in Blueprint, so you’re not really missing out on anything major. As I said in the other thread, if you want to use SG, just copy your blueprint content into it. ShooterGame is designed so that you can easily extend it’s classes in Blueprint, like weapons and characters for example. Just make your BP’s inherit from ShooterGame’s classes and you can create your own SG-like assets.

Just my thoughts / advice, either way I wouldn’t expect to see much more detailed documentation on SG anytime soon. The only way to get to grips with C++ and the Unreal API is by actually playing with it.

For C++ VehicleGame there are steps by steps tutorials (from Epic) how to use the assets. For ShooterGame there aren’t. Why? Huge and big mistake

Step-by-Step tutorial how to add/clone/migrate/port/compile ShooterGame example C++ project in your existing Blueprint project