Shootergame persistentuser

I’m having a problem using the shootergame example’s persistentuser. I’m trying to access it from the ShooterGameMode via shooterplayercontroller and using the GetPersistentUser() function. It’s giving me null pointers. Happens with packaged build and in the editor. However, when options are changed in the game, they access and store information in the persistentuser class. I’m just wondering if I have a fundamental misunderstanding of how it works or what is going on? I assume my problem is that I’m not accessing the playercontroller for that specific player when I try to access the persistent user with my function in the ShooterGameMode. How could I get the client’s playercontroller and the associated persistent user?

Could someone also enlighten me how the persistenuser is created and handled in the game?

Ok, that was fairly stupid of me. I just needed to check if (PlayerController->GetPersistentUser()) so it’s not the server going through it and it works.