Shootergame Mainmenu in VR

I work since a long time on a custom project based on the Shootergame example and have make it works in VR.
99% of the changes I’ve done are in blueprints and works pretty well but I’m not able to make programming in C++.
I have read, try to understand, but the shootergame code is really too complex for me and the documentation too poor for a beginner.

I’ve try many things but I’m not able to understand how to view the main menu in VR or to disable VR only in mainmenu level in the shootergame example.

I really hope that somebody can give me a hand to resolve the problem.

Thanks by advance for your time and advices.

The main menu widget are not blueprintcallable… and the variables in gameinstance controlled by mainmenu are not BlueprintCallable too.
I’m unable to expose them to blueprints.

So I’ve create a new pawn with wigdet interaction component, a widget to load levels and a widget component. With this code in level blueprint I can Load my levels in VR (but with default values).

It’s not an elegant answer but without help, it’s the only thing I’m able to do for this time.

You’re pretty much out of luck here I’m afraid unless you know or are prepared to learn C++.

ShooterGame’s UI is written entirely in Slate which natively support VR, and it can’t be exposed to Blueprint. AFAIK, most VR Games are using the 3D Widget Component to render UMG UI into the world directly.