ShooterGame HUD

Hey there, I’ve been trying to play around with the ShooterGame sample. I’ve been trying to change the HUD, I’ve edited the main (which I’m thinking is a sprite sheet) called HUDMain. But when deleting the original ShooterGame gun icon and replacing it with a sample I’ve designed, the old one still remains in the background, even though it’s been removed, saved as a .tga & re-imported into the engine + having the asset changed within the code.



Does anyone know how to remove this gun background image?

Have you tried deleting the ddc file in your DerivedDataCache folder ?

I read somewhere that this is where the Unreal Editor stores it’s cache, so you might want to backup this file (it can be pretty huge), and remove it from the folder and restart the Unreal Editor you’re using. Make sure you don’t have more than once instance running at the same time while doing this.