ShooterGame Error crash

Hello, i just bought the game on steam, so i downloaded it and try to start it… but i get that error

Hi GodKiller,

This forum is for the modding community. If you have issues with the game, you will get better support on the steam forums :slight_smile:

^ What Ditsov said. We don’t do support for normal Ark: Survival Evolved here. This is the forums for the Ark Developer kit :P. I wish you luck though on resolving your issue!

Closing thread

As they said the steam discussion boards is used for the game itself. But this one has me a little curious. What version of the Occulus SDK do you have installed?

Try deleting this file in your ARK steam folder:

There is also the option of trying to uninstall the Oculus SDK but just deleting the OculusRift.uplugin file is a much easier option at first :slight_smile: