ShooterGame Destructible Mesh Collision + Adding Level

Sorry, two questions here -

I am using the ShooterGame example and I can’t seem to get the destructible mesh to collide with the player. I have tried changing the collision to ignore pawn, but the player still runs right through the mesh.

Also, I am wanting to add another level to the ShooterGame example while leaving Sanctuary and Highrise. I have tried adding more names in to the ShooterMainMenu file, but the map doesn’t show up in the selection.


Hey Halokllr,

You can add a map by editing the ShooterMainMenu.cpp in the source files. You can see more information here: Adding new maps to shooter game - Platform & Builds - Unreal Engine Forums

As for your destructible can you post the settings you’re using for the destructible? It should collide automatically. You may also need to set something in the Player BP for collision.

Post a screenshot of your asset and the settings and I will have a look.



Thanks Tim! I will try that.

As for the destruction, I just had to set up the collision in the player BP - it was ignoring the collision.

ah. Glad it’s all working for you! :slight_smile: