ShooterGame aim down sight sensitivity?

While the menu does give a good option for adjusting sensitivity that works fine for overall sensitivity, when it is adjusted to a comfortable value (using a controller) while not aiming down sights, as soon as you try to look while aiming down sights, it is always extremely high and inaccurate! Either you have to deal with extremely slow regular turning sensitivity, and good ADS sensitivity, or good regular turning sensitivity and extremely fast and inaccurate ADS look sensitivity. Is there any way to A: make 2 sensitivity settings in the options, one for regular look sensitivity and one for ADS sensitivity, or B: make a multiplier to the sensitivity, so when one is aiming down sights the sensitivity is dampened by a certain amount? As someone who can only play shooters using a console controller, it’s very difficult to playtest the game when these options aren’t possible! Is this sensitivity option only for PC, and are there specialised settings for consoles? Thanks!

I found a solution using a blueprint version- just set “Base Turn Rate” to a low value and it will work!

You can also use a scale for the player controller.

Pitch, Yaw and Roll can all be changed independently being respectively the rotation around the Y, Z and X -Axis.
This means that for sensitivity on the X-Axis of the screen (horizontal aiming) you’ll want to modify the Yaw, and for the Y-Axis (vertical aiming) you’ll want the pitch.

I am trying to replicate this in an options menu however this does not seem to change my sensitivity at all?
Mine is done through a slider and uses the exact same nodes as yours