Shooter using 2 line traces

Hello! I’m trying to make a shooting mechanic where you use 2 line traces. 1 for finding the middle point, where the bullet should go and 1 that makes the bullet start from the gun to the impact point of the first line trace. The only problem is that whenever I shoot in air where there is no target to hit the bullet goes to the world (0.0.0). Here I posted 3 pictures with the blueprints. Imgur: The magic of the Internet Thank you alot in advance!

Hi James, I’m guessing that when there is no impact point for your first line trace, it’s giving you the default vector value (0.0,0.0,0.0) as the impact location.

So try adding a Branch before your second Line Trace and connect the “Blocking Hit” parameter from the first trace hit to it. If it’s true, then your current implementation should work fine. If it returns false, then try passing the “Trace End” location of the hit result as the “End location” for the second Line Trace.

I did everything as you said and it fixed my problem!Thank you alot!And sorry for the time you lost respoding!

Happy to help :slight_smile: