Shooter Starter GraphPack v.1


Here is some cartoon classic gun & props i’ve done lately, specially for guys which are focus on blueprint, prototype, gameplay and fun stuff with just grey boxes :]

The idea is to provide obvious props to feed basic gameplay shooter needs and have cool graphic feedback.
Video -> [video][/video]

So, for this first package,
we have a really really sharp knife, handgun, shotgun, tommygun and a bazooka.
The items are also elementary, grenade, smoke grenade, ammo, medikit and a scope with a red dot lazer on the left of it that you can plug on any weapon, perhaps not necessary on the bazooka.
A team flag, gas bottle waiting for a bullet, a classic wood box to hide, jump over or to take cover, a map and a resource box that you can open to discover that everything has been looted by your enemy.


If there’s interest on that fast&fun design i’ll go on some 2.0 graph pack, (grenade launcher and other fun stuff to shoot with, more complexe GPE … )

don’t hesitate to post some idea and any comments are welcome.


Looks awesome! Would be cool if you could include weapons like the M4 and the AK-47 :slight_smile:

Killer art style viv, it’s very Sunset Overdrive/Fortnite and me likie (y)

Looks great! I like the style.

thank you guyz! :slight_smile:
Next time i’ll go on some exotic weapon i guess… to allow other touch of gameplay, maybe : flamethrower could be cool, tazer ? a kind of cutting disc launcher sounds fun too !

@viv: Quick question … I actually want to buy your pack as I have a project that will actually benefit from the art style. Do we also get the textures without the extraneous text included in the pack?

If not, can I pay to get those textures? I really want to use all your items, but I have my own decals and badges I want to add to the items … so the plain textures without the extra text and drawings will work better for me.

Thanks. This is an awesome pack.

hey, first thank you very much :slight_smile:

Yep it’s absolutely possible to turn them off, just few click for me, Private message me for more details :wink:

PM sent … and it is an awesome pack. 8-}