Shooter Sample Project

So I made this thing, based on your feedback, decided to submit it to Epic for the Marketplace so you can buy it. Intended price is $19.99

You can watch extended development of and with this asset at Twitch

Development Trello: Trello

Downloadable Demo:

HIGHLY UNSTABLE HTML5 Demo (Takes awhile to load in Chrome, Firefox is currently only showing a black screen, click OK on any pop up dialogs): GenericShooter

Edit: Now submitted
Edit: Updated demo to v0.2. Update is really a bunch of stuff behind the scenes. Some refactoring, making blueprints cleaner, more capable menu system, and small tidbits no one will notice.
Edit: Added hat support, v0.3
Edit: Added functional server list and v0.6 demo. Submission now under the first review stage by Epic
Edit: Added weapon holstering and switching in v0.65
Edit: Added support for weapon dropping and picking up in v0.7
Edit: Added more robust deathmatch support, grenade launchers, and other general improvements in v0.8
Edit: Added some bug fixes, and a new level, and projectile kill scoring in v0.86
Edit: Packaged release v1.00

Also, sorry in advance for my late night sales pitch voice. And by that, I mean, I sound like I am having a stroke. Maybe I am. Iunno.

Some pictures because thats a thing:


It’s a first person and a third person shooter, with things like a frontend menu, persistent settings, hats, Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch, pistols, rifles, grenade launchers, rocket launchers, shotguns. Yeah.

The point of this asset is the underlying framework, not the art. All the art should be replaced by you, because it looks silly and stupid.

Known Issues:

  • Sometimes you have to click anywhere in the game viewport at least once for keyboard/gamepad support to work

Development Trello: Trello

Downloadable Demo:

Thanks to all you guys who voted for this!
First 125 votes:
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Yes I would like this :slight_smile:

10/10 would watch the youtube video again, this time with my pants on! Honestly I think blue guy is the true American Hero here.

Freaking awesome loving that menu setup.

lol , ur a nut, it’s why likes you! :wink:

great stuff dude, great stuff

Yes! This is awesome. I want it.

So just some thoughts -

Weapons -

  • An example weapon that is area of effect (Grenade launcher, Rocket Propelled Grenade, etc) that we can modify just a few values to turn an RPG into a grenade launcher and vice versa.
    – Maybe add an delay to the explosive for the grenade launcher so that it does not detonate with in a certain range?
  • Melee Weapons such as a Knife or Machete, etc. for those super sweet stealth kills.
  • Support for throwable weapons such as Grenades, Molotov’s, Rocks, etc.

Props -

  • Explosive objects - for example Cars, Barrels, etc.
  • Climbable Ladders

Other -

  • It would be nice to have a stealth system with AI that will actively seek out the player for a certain amount of time. More than likely outside the scope of this project though.

That said - I like what see - Keep up the work.

Great stuff!! I would be really interested :slight_smile:

nope nope n-n-n-no-nope n-no-nope! best feature ever @2:21 would buy for that reason alone.

Save your money! Here you go! Dropbox - Allar's Royalty Free Beatboxed - Simplify your life

Basic projectile weapons are already planned (and animated). Added delayed projectiles, throwables, explosive objects to my Will Consider board. Planned for melee weapons but forgot to add to trello, is added to Will Do. Could use some royalty free anims here though. Climbable ladders and stealth mechanics are out of this projects scope, and there is already a ladder climbing system on the marketplace. I haven’t tried integrating it, and I don’t own it, but I’m sure its doable though.

Development Trello for this project is linked to in the post.

Hey thanks for the prompt reply and Answers.

Just subbed to your Trello board. I might be able to help out with some really crappy animations. :slight_smile:

I am no animator but I am willing to give it a shot.

  • HeadClot

I hope the voice over in the video will be used for some cry-outs, its awesome! :stuck_out_tongue:

Could you say, eat off of them?

I’ll put some cry-outs in the project just for you.

For an additional fee (printer costs + shipping), I can print you out some blueprints and have them laminated so you can use them as plates.

Winner! And by that I mean the late night sales pitch voice haha If that’s what having a stroke sounds like, I may try to force my blood pressure to rise some next time I do recordings :smiley:

Definitely a cool template project!

Haven’t even piped it through the hardware auto-tuner I have yet. I’m not sure why I have a hardware auto-tuner, but I do.

Thanks to do the same that I do free and multiplayer, now I can get a holiday. :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine won’t be free. Cheap, maybe, but not free. Also, your asset has more weapon specific features than mine does, so I wouldn’t worry. Everyone does weapon mechanics differently, this is just my approach. Its nice to have multiple approaches like yours and the Realistic Weapons Blueprint. Yours is also already buyable. Mine isn’t out yet.

Edit: Now submitted to the marketplace

The video was great, please make a sequel!!! =)

I have now submitted. If it gets approved for the trello board, I definitely will.