Shooter Sample Game Animation Blueprint compile error

how to fix this two nodes ?

not sure why those are not connected but they need to be pluged into the “Cast to ShooterCharacter” node , the blue pin as the bottom right of the node “as ShooterVharacter”
this can happen when you migrate content to other projects

yes i actualy copied the characters and animations folder from the shooter sample game to my own project…i am not able to get aim offsets & is Running from cast to shooter character node

thats because you don’t have the shootercharacter code class so you won’t have the cast node for it either.
personnaly for my game i use the full shooter project and add my content to it

i converting it to full BP…how to add the shooter character code class in BP ?

you need to “cast to shootercharater” or what ever you have named you bp_character class

ok got it so i have to create two functions "Aim offset and “is Running” inside my character class Blueprint ? and then cast it in Anim Blueprint to use those functions

think so, i’ve never gone that far yet in blueprints

how to do the aim offset function ? inside the character blueprint what inputs and what outputs it should have ?