Shooter needs a buff.

The Shooter example is a good starting point as to the needs of an FPS Shooter. It seems to be set up as a single player model example using a single set of 1st hands but can included any number of different weapons as a player pawn.

Great if your only using a single player model mesh but won’t accept anything but a single skeletal mesh and not a component character model that can be added to a inventory much along the same lines as the weapons. I’m kind of assuming that it was done this way (UDK style) before the Character Blueprint was available.

Granted we can write the blue print but it would be faster if we could “steal” the <cough cough> asset loader and then sort out what needs to be where as part of our load out design.

Shooter also doesn’t line up to any of the animation standards that Marketplace content uses (it’s based on a different skeleton) which is a bit of a bummer. Re-working it probably wouldn’t yield much benefit though, for the amount of work it would be.

ShooterGame is probably at least 2-3 years old now… crazy

I think ShooterGame needs some TLC from Epic Dev Team. I haven’t been able to play a compiled ShooterGame since 4.5 version of the engine. All I get is either a blank screen or one frame of a UE4 logo.

Ive compiled and run shootergame recently. Is there any info in the log output ? What platform are you running it on ?

Hi -

Although I am not sure what the timeframe would be for a fix to ShooterGame I have entered a feature request to add improvements to it at least bringing it up to Marketplace standards.

Thank You