Shooter Gun System

Just tried out the demo and it is looking really good. Are you planning any more updates to this or is it pretty much finished?

Couple of things I noticed in the demo you might consider if you do plan another update.

  1. The character should stop sprinting when trying to shoot or ADS. That is pretty normal in games for actions like that to override sprinting. Then when the player stops shooting or ADS, the character should continue sprinting if the shift key is still held down.

  2. Some of the animations feel pretty slow. Like when the gun leans to the side while running as an example. It would feel more responsive if the animations were a bit quicker.

  3. The character seems to be holding the gun pretty high when in hip fire. The difference between the guns position in hip fire and ADS is very small. From 3rd person, it looks like the character is ADS when they are actually in hip fire. Is it possible to hold the gun much lower when in hip fire, so it actually feels (and looks like from 3rd person) you are firing from the hip.

Hey great product! Just asking, i can see you always update the product, so is there any way to upgrade project without destroy it? for example would you suggest we work on the child actor? And when you update the product we can only overwrite the master blueprint for fixes? Or should we start fresh everytime? :3 Thanks!

There isn’t any specific node already there to adjust the left hand position on the rifle, but it can be easily added in the anim bp like this, for example, to adjust the left hand downwards:

But ideally you’d be using anims made for your rifle, that don’t need these kind of adjustments…

Hi! Yes, I’m planning more updates, the asset isn’t finished yet and I want to hear your feedback. Regarding your specific comments:

  1. This is kinda down to personal preference. I guess this kind of stuff is better left for the user to mod to his own needs…

  2. The anims provided (and the blending speeds between them) are just examples, ready and easy to be replaced by the user’s own preferred anims and speeds… My intention with the example anims provided was to go for tactical realism speeds instead of fast paced action shooter speeds…

  3. The character holds the gun in a position that the gun is within view of the 1st person camera. In fact, I’ve had customers tell me that they’d like it even higher on the screen. Anyway, you can replace the anim with one that holds the gun lower, if you don’t mind the gun being out of your view in 1st person. Again, this only is how the example anim was made, it doesn’t mean your character needs to use the same exact anims. Also, with the addition of a few nodes to the anim bp, it’s possible to adjust hands/gun position (see the other post above) without needing to replace anims, though using anims already made the way you want is the ideal choice imo.

Thank you! This depends on how deep you’re modifying the asset. As you said, if you’re working on child bps it would be easier to update your project to the latest version of the asset, but due to some updates being kinda big, even this approach I think wouldn’t guarantee compatibility as simply as that. Unfortunately this is the downside of having a constantly evolving product. That said, after some time from now, the updates will do less massive changes, which will make things easier. At least that’s the plan…

No, that response is perfect. I’m working on ripping longer handguards and barrels from other AR assets, so that I can make 10.5" barrels - 24", and allow you to pair compatible length handguards with each. I really like your animations for the AR controls, all I need is to move the left hand forward or backward for different length handguards. Or maybe even tilt it for angled foregrip. I think this transform will let me do that.

Thanks for reply to my points. Makes sense, but I’m just wondering what you mean by this comment earlier. I thought the hands used some sort of procedural IK to hold the rifle and to ADS so that custom anims aren’t required for every different gun?


The hands use procedural IKs to add movements/adjustments on top of the anims that are running underneath. One of these adjustments is the ADS code, which will place your gun hand so that the sights are centered in front of your view when you aim. So the project doesn’t need any aiming anims, the ADS code runs on top of your idle anim and places your gun hand like that.

However, when not aiming, the code lets your hands follow the underlying idle anim, reload anim, equip anim, etc., and just adds some movements that look cool, like pointing the gun slightly to the left (by a configurable amount) when you move the mouse to the left, etc… But it needs those anims running, the only one that it doesn’t need is the ADS anim, which can be called procedural.

If I have an issue with my gun’s stock clipping into the camera during ads, is that something that requires an adjustment to my idle (moving it so it holds the gun further away from the body), is there is some trick I can use with the sights to get the ik to place the hands forward. I can post a screenshot of the clipping if you don’t know what I mean, but basically the camera clips into the back of my gun.

And sorry to keep pestering you. I absolutely love the system. The little details like gun tilt or the gun rotating slower than the camera are great. It gives some actual weight and momentum to the movement that so many fps games lack.

@chaycraft01 No problem at all. In the gun blueprint, in Class Defaults, there’s a property called DistanceFromCamera. Adjust that for each of your guns blueprints.

Hey, How do I add sounds to key actions the character is making like reloading, shooting, aiming and etc?

Hey, do you have any ETA for the next update?
Could you also please post a list for the features that you are going to add for the next update.

This would help me to plan. Thank you! :slight_smile:

You could use the node PlaySoundAtLocation, or you could use an AudioComponent…

Next update will include dropable and pickable guns, unarmed character mode, health, death and ragdoll, etc. It shouldn’t take too long…

Just purchased it, looks great. I am looking forward to integrating it into my project and getting it set up with Advanced JIG.

@LumberingTroll Hey thank you, I’ve just replied to your private msg.

Recoil Reset might need looking into? When I counteract the recoil by pulling down on the mouse and then stop firing/pulling down the recoil reset still pulls the camera down. I haven’t really looked at your code but I imagine you are just reversing the amount of recoil given during the shot (via subtraction) which is what is causing the problem. You are probably going to want to revert to a specific pitch instead.

So instead of subtracting the recoil to return to the proper aim location you need to save the exact pitch/yaw of the camera when fired and return to that (Lerp). This should take into account the actual position of the camera when firing is stopped. I would also have it not return if the player has pulled below the original pitch (if that is 60 then at 59 the reset wont happen).

I’d also look into how pubg did it (each shot has its own recoil reset position/speed) instead of trying to return to the original aiming spot like cod. Either way having a variance in the spot the recoil returns to will make it more authentic.

So basically if you fire at pitch 62 yaw 33, and add +5 pitch and +2 yaw in recoil, you could have +1 and -1 variance to the return position, which would end up at 63 pitch 32 yaw.

Hopefully that makes sense.

What happens if the player switched targets or tracked a moving target while firing? Mouse automatically returns to the first target when he stops firing?

The project doesn’t come with several recoil styles, it comes one that gives it a nice fluid feeling and is reasonably complex: generate recoil, then recover the recoil that was generated (BF3 style). Some games will recover what was added minus any compensation done manually by the player (BF4 style). Other games do other stuff… It’s up to you to choose what you personally prefer and adapt the code to that…

i just bought your system and i was wondering if there are any tutorials available as i couldn’t find any , at least to understand how the weapon is setup .

[USER=“4343355”]Mario Cepoi[/USER] Thank you! I’ve just replied to your private msg!