Shooter Gun System

Hey, I’m so sorry to hear what you and your family are going through and I wish you guys nothing but the best. I’m glad to hear things are getting better though.

I implemented your second suggestion and it works perfectly! I can now aim while in mid-air.

Also, don’t worry about the shotgun thing. I was more so asking if the asset came with an option to make shotgun-type weapons but I’m pretty sure there are atleast a dozen tutorials on how to make one, so I’ll check those out.

I also just wanted to ask: what are some future updates that you have planned?

Stay safe and healthy!

Thanks man. Right now I was working on implementing a full body 1st person mesh with basic anims to my other asset, the Gun Sight Aligner. I’m planning to do the same to the FPS Assemblable Gun after that. Then, after that, my plan is to make the FPS Assemblable Gun more of a shooter template than just a weapon system. Things never happen as fast as I want though.

Sorry for going over your post. I will give you a better answer shortly.

@PeaceSells_ Well, I’m looking forward to those updates! This asset is already really cool so I’m excited for its future.

bought the kit looks and feels nice but do you have a tutorial for making ammo pickups ?

Hi There,
Thank you very much for the asset, I was hoping to ask how i could move the auto sight alignment into another project?
Is there any documentation on this kind of thing?
I am just hoping to use the auto sight alignment with the mp system. would be a very nice benefit to have.

Hello, i’ve a problem to add a new gun. I’d like to use an skeletal mesh but the problem is: the gun is aligned along y-axis. Because of that after adding like in your tutorial the gun shows to the left side. I can’t fix this maybe you can help me ?

thx very much and sorry for my bad english ^^

To all you who asked questions recently and didn’t get a reply, I’m sorry for this delay in the answer. Both me and my father had COVID-19 and, while I’m ok, my father passed away. But now work is back to normal.

Hi. The FPS Assault Pack uses a custom character arms skeleton, while my asset uses the Epic’s arms skeleton. Also, the FPS Assault Pack attaches guns to a socket on an extra bone (socket R_GunSocket on bone gun_r), instead of using the hand_r bone. There’s a way to to make their guns and arms work on this asset, but first you’d have to, in the character BP, attach the gun to a socket in the hand_r bone, as described in the asset’s store page), otherwise the sight alignment won’t work when you’re aiming. At first when you attach the gun to the hand_r bone, it won’t look good, but you have the option to manually adjust the socket until it looks good, or find the location and rotation of the original R_GunSocket in relation to the hand_r bone during the idle anim and use this location and rotation for the socket on the hand_r bone. This should make the gun sit perfectly in the character’s hands, except I guess for the gun melee anims, which move gun_r in relation to hand_r.

After that, you will have to create an anim BP for their custom arms and copy-paste the code in my arms anim BP to this new one, because every anim BP is ‘married’ to it’s skeleton. You’d also have to replace the refs to my old anim BP in the code. Alternatively, you can simply retarget both skeletons and my anim BP, so you can play their anims on my skeleton (from my experience, this doesn’t look good in 1st person though), or use their skeleton in my anim BP.

You should also create an anim BP for their AK mesh (their pack already comes with one), so you can play the AK mesh reload (mag and handle movements ‘married’ to the character arms, etc.) simultaneously with the arms reload anim. In my project, the gun mesh doesn’t have a reload anim, since the mag is already a separate mesh from the gun and the M4 charging handle doesn’t need to move during reload. Instead, I attach the mag mesh to the character’s hand during reload and only play the character’s reload anim. You should remove this logic in my project and, instead, play the AK mesh reload anim simultaneous with the custom arms reload anim.

My goal is to include ammo pickups in a future update. Sorry, I don’t have an actual tutotial for that at the moment because I haven’t worked on it yet, but a very simple solution would be to create an actor that uses the mag mesh (for example) and a collision component. Then, add an EventActorBeginOverlap in this actor that adds a certain amount of ammo to the respective gun in the character’s inventory when it overlaps with the character’s collision capsule. Check back in the future, an ammo pickup system might be added to this asset.

The MP asset uses a full-body mesh for the character. It’s not a simple task to make the auto-sight alignment system for a full-body mesh. However, I’ve been working on a system like this (not made specifically for the MP asset though, because I don’t own it yet) for a while and I should have it on my other asset (Gun Sight Aligner) in the near future. After that, I plan on implementing it on this asset (FPS Assemblable Gun).

Hey, just open the character’s skeleton inside the UE4 editor, then click on the “Gun” socket (on the hand_r bone), then rotate it 90 degrees on it’s Z axis. Usually, this is all that’s required for Y-axis guns.

It is possible implement this system in a Third Person Character?

At the moment, no. But check again in the future, because I’m working on an update to make the sight alignment work on 3rd person view.

What’s the best way to go about integrating this with the Jigsaw Inventory System?…ventory-system

@TaylerHughes - You’d have to replace the current inventory with the Jigsaw’s one. Since the inventory system currently in the FPS Assemblable Gun is very simple - it’s just an array of guns, it’s not even a system - I don’t think replacing it with another inventory would be much difficult, as there shouldn’t be much stuff to conflict. That said, I haven’t tried this, so I don’t have hands-on experience to confirm.

Hello @PeaceSells_,

Subscribed! I cannot wait for the Full-body Auto Alignment Features to be implemented. We plan to use this Assemble System for Modular Sci-fi Weapons. Is it possible to nest Rails? In other words attach parts to rails on parts with rails?

Oh yes, this is one of the reasons why there is auto-aligning in this asset. You can download the playable demo from the store page and test this. The demo rifle has rails and there is also a demo attachment with rails (DemoCantedRail). You can pile as many of them as you want on top of each other (until they collide with some other part of the gun, because there is collision detection too). And if you place gun sights anywhere, they will still automatically align when aiming.

P U R C H A S E D!

Thank you, I hope you like it!

Any updates on these?

I am hoping to implement this weapon system along with the Jigsaw Inventory System into my project but have been having a rough go with it so far, being newer to UE4 still.

Do you have any plans for tutorials on how to add this system to an existing (first/third person) project or is this intended to only really be used as the base for new projects?

I purchased this before reading through the support forum and am looking forward to being able to use this with a 3rd person character for a ‘true first person’, or finding a freelancer capable of implementing this along with Jigsaw Inventory to be used on a more open-world based game than being a pre-set system in the menu before entering a game.

Looking forward to your reply, future updates and hope to be able to use this asset in my game ASAP.


Regarding the full-body mesh implementation, I’ve already implemented it on my other asset and I’m currently working on bringing it to this asset too.

Given the size of this project, mixing it with another existing character, gun and anim system would be a complex task, and I couldn’t do just one tutorial that would fit all existing projects. Ideally you would build on this project’s bases.

What I can say right now is that the goal for this asset is to become a more complete template for shooter games, with better inventory (I can’t say it’s going to be like the Advanced Jigsaw’s Inventory), full-body mesh and gun customization during gameplay instead of the pre-set customization system you mentioned.

I understand that many people want to use this as a 3rd person or full-body 1st person project, and I’m currently focused on implementing these as a priority in this project. It’s not as simple as in my other asset, because this project is more complex, plus I also have to create proper anim sequences for running, jumping, etc. (which are not necessary in the other asset), instead of using Epic’s example anims, which were made for 3rd person view, and are great for that, but not ideal for 1st person view. In the mean time, the product’s page still states that this asset is for 1st person arms-only view, and has been like that since it was published. Anyway, if you feel like a refund would be a good option now, we can do that too.

Im looking forward to true first person with a 3rd person body as handling double animations is quite a headache I look forward to these updates!

Great work on your project thus far. I like to buy assets from the store (would rather support creators than large educational institutions, just mho) to learn from and your project has helped in that regard. I have never been the type of person who learns from being “taught”, I like to tear things apart and form my own mental connections between practices and solutions. In any case, as a recommendation, I think a simple 2 or 3 weapon switching system with a basic inventory that allows you to swap/pickup/drop weapons would be enough, more than enough even. I can understand that some people here are new and eager to get started on their dream game, but seriously all, you simply can’t expect another person to do all of the work for you. Take some time to break stuff and learn the “rules” of the engine you’re working with. When you learn how to use your tools properly you can make anything, even cobble together marketplace assets if you want. Anyway, again great work and I am greatly looking forward to future updates from you.