Shooter game

here my shooter game, early stages but alot of fun, i hope to really focus on it this year. I and will post progress shots as this game developes…

Art Station

Looks pretty interesting. Is level generating real-time or prebuilt?

I built a temp grey box modular set of assets, the enemies are on matinees. Ill eventually stream in the level sections and i create more content. Also i would like to create different paths and enemy tracks that spawn more randomly. well see. thx

looks awesome. gj!

Here is a little doodle of what the city buildings might look like…

This looks really cool, will there be different weapons to pick up as well as different classes to choose from?

yes i have pick up set up and well as a power up system. that presents a variety of weapons , that encourage the player to find optimal play solutions, but not make the player overpowered…

what im working on now is adding enemies that present interesting obstacles to the player. Like enemy beams that block you from crossing and interesting environment obstacles.

This looks great! I love the unique camera perspective, it makes a huge impact on how the game looks and feels. Are you looking into adding a shield or dodge mechanic for the clutch moments like at 0:23?

Yea sure, a shield, and a double tap dodge. if you look closely you can see a companion. i was thinking of using that a controllable blocker. To block projectiles that come at you, it might add to the clutch tactical play.

Added a weapon type as well as item pick ups. I working on a tap dodge. The challenge is keeping the gameplay clear in this perspective.