Shooter game (work in progress)

Hi guys,
In my spare time, I like to work in Unreal Engine 4 where I am developing a shooter game. The player has the ability to slow down time, move objects with the power of his/her mind or even become invisible. I have attached some screenshots and if you want to see a video with the game, you can do it here:
Please feel free to comment in any way, your opinion is important!

Feedback: Looks interesting so far, good work keep going. A few questions:

What % of what’s shown in the video is Marketplace / Free sourced Assets?
The 2D retro looking HUD doesn’t really add anything, it lets the game down.
It blocks the screen and breaks immersion too! Could the HUD be a popup?
Maybe you could get the same thing by just displaying a ‘readout’ on the gun…
Or if not, change the layout / use holographic-fx / make it an in-game widget…

Hi Franktech, about 70 percent of the used assets are bought from the marketplace ( I am talking here about the level design). The game is made with blueprints and all the blueprints are made by me after I watched many tutorials. The terrain (heightmaps) is also made by me (it was made in Worldmachine and later imported into Unreal Engine). Can you please give me an example game of how the HUD should look in your opinion? I wouldn’t do it a popup because it should be seen all the time but I admit is retro style…

Suggestion: An obvious one to look at for ideas maybe is Halo.
Ammo remaining superimposed on gun, low-profile health bars…
But I’m reluctant to steer you / imply this is like the only Bible etc. :slight_smile:

Thank you, I ll take into consideration your advice and I will probably change the HUD at the end, after I finish all the levels (maps)

Looking really nice man, all seems pretty smooth! In terms of feedback I have two quick points that you could consider.

The first is that I agree with franktech’s statement about the HUD. I know that this is just WIP but something you should think about later down the line is a unique HUD that sets the style for your game. The design of this can completely change how the game looks and feels for the end user and make your game instantly recognisable from a single screenshot; currently for me it doesn’t fit the world you have created or give your game a distinctive style.

The second is that I love your invisibility and time-warp effects, however I think the rings are maybe a little too obstructive/harsh (maybe a design choice?). I am not sure exactly how it would play out without seeing it, but I would experiment with making these rings slightly wider and feather//fade the edges so that the world appears to be warping rather than shrinking rings on the screen? Like I said I’m just trying to picture this in my head without any evidence in front of me but It’s something to look into!

Besides these suggestions it looks great, keep up the hard work!

P.S. How are you handling the ammo/weapon switching currently? Is the ammo stored in the character controller while the weapons spawn and destroy or are the meshes just hidden and disabled etc? Cheers!

Thank you SergeantStudios for your feedback. The HUD problem and the time warp effect were the 2 biggest concerns I also had and since you and Franktech saw the same problems it means they must both be changed. Until now I wasn’t sure but now it is very clear.
About your question…the weapon is a skeletal mesh component which I change based on the value of an index (index 0 is the first weapon…index 5 the last one…there are 6 weapons working right now but in the video you can see only 2). I made a print screen of the weapon switching function. As you can see, when the index changes i have to set a new skeletal mesh, a new animclass and a new static mesh.

Yeah not to worry, it’s good that you know yourself they can be improved and in reality it is only visual…the mechanics look pretty tight!!

Ah perfect!! I’m playing around with an inventory of my own just now so it’s good to get some insight into how other have successfully managed. Yours seem like a pretty stable set-up, is the ammo just stored on each individual weapon then?

For every gun I created a different ammo (which is of course a blueprint) with different properties (different damage, speed, size), so here is the same, depending of the index I spawn different bullets (ammo). The only connection between ammo and weapon is the index…so depending of the current index I know what weapon to set and what bullet to spawn from that weapon. Is that what you were asking ?

Great! Thanks for the clarification. Makes total sense, I have a similar approach to my own code. Best of luck with your game and hope to see more progress soon!

Does anyone have any idea how to open the video here? I saw in other posts that it is possible…

Hi again, i come with news about my project. By the way, it has a name now and it is called Genetic Warfare. Please check the next video, I am curious about your opinion:

And here is an outdoor map: Next, I am planning to change the hud, make something modern. I know hud is not what it should be but if you have other comments, critics, please don t be shy :slight_smile:

Hi, what do you think about the night vision?