shooter game & vehicle game not building (ShooterGame.js not found error)

Hi! I’m trying to build UE4 examples to WebGL, so far I’ve been able to build realistic rendering demo - it builds ok.

Vehicle Game and Shooter game examples don’t build, they fail with the following error all the time:

Is this somehow related to the memory limits?

Hey Gnoblin,

Vehicle Game is launching when I package it for HTML5 and run it on FireFox. Shooter Game is not intended to work on HTML5, there likely is some type of memory limit involved there. Shooter Game is better suited as a Windows, Xbox One or PS4 game. If you’re not able to build any other projects in HTML5 for any reason, please submit a question to AnswerHub.


Watching the GDC talk from Josh Adams from 03-12-2015 ( I can see that he is running the Shooter Game in Firefox, so seems like it is HTML5 ready / intended to work with HTML5. However, I can’t find a link where I could play this game. Didn’t you guys host it somewhere?

Hey Trutty,

I currently do not see Shooter Game being ran on a server for HTML5, like Tappy Chicken is as a demo. If you want to play Shooter Game on HTML5 and it’s currently ready for HTML5, you can simply download it from the Epic Games Launcher, open it within the Editor and package it for HTML5. You’ll need to create a simple http server for it to run through FireFox though.


I will continue to search to see if Shooter Game is set up anywhere. If I find a link, I will come back and post the URL.

Thank you. :slight_smile: