Shooter Game - Spawn Actor from Class Bots don't move

Hey all,

So I’m playing around with making a unique game mode with the Shooter Game template. I’m trying to be able to dynamically spawn bots with blueprints. I’ve set up a network for spawning the bots using SpawnActorFromClass but for some reason when I spawn bots this way, they just stand still and do nothing. Its like its only spawning the skeletal mesh. When I place them manually in the level though, the react normally, shooting at me and running around the environment. I have a navmesh placed in the level but I can’t figure out why spawning the bots with blueprint breaks them. Its like they’re missing their associated AI when I spawn them from class.

Any help figuring out why this is would be greatly appreciated!


Well, I started looking through all of the bot’s default settings and found a drop down list for Auto Posess AI. I changed this from “Placed in world” to “Placed in world or Spawned” and this fixed the issue.

Problem is, I discovered a NEW issue. For some reason, after I kill a bot it respawns at the PlayerStart Location even though I’ve set the game mode to Team Deathmatch which means the bots are clearly on the “red” team and I’m on blue. The ShooterTeamSpawn actor unfortunately doesn’t work properly so if I use them instead of PlayerStart actors, the SpawnTeam and Not For Bots flags don’t work. I came up with a workaround which was to delete the PlayerStart actor when the level starts, but this makes the AI stop working for some goofy reason.