Shooter Game red reflections

In the Shooter Game with new project i got red reflections and red details:

Hi Hevedy -

Thank You for you report, I have entered the information in our reporting system as UE-16886. I will report back here as we investigate a solution.

Eric Ketchum

I noticed this on one of my projects as well and managed to find out what’s causing it. For me, it was having a LUT enabled while having the white balance temperature also tweaked. Turning on both post process settings at once causes the red reflections, while disabling at least one of them fixes it immediately.

It also seems to be affecting more than just reflections, I had the atmospheric fog start turning red on me for a time.

It’s not just red artifacting either, the color changes depending on what you have white balance temp set to.

Hi Daniel -

Thank you for the information. I have added it to our report.

Eric Ketchum

Furthermore I found it only happens when the process volume is unbound.

Using your world outliner search box, look for a post processing volume called “Global PostProcPostProcessVolume”.

in your details tab (bottom right by default) uncheck the following option:

Post Process Settings > Scene Color > Color Grading

This should correct your problem.