Shooter Game Question

I have a question I realy hope someone can help me with. How do you migrate the hero in the shooter game example to a project you created? Im trying to get him to work like he did in the demo, but all i have been able to do is migrate all the blueprints and meshes, but I cant get them to work, pls help

Migrating an asset from one project to another you can think of the process of getting it to work as you would as in adding a custom player model to your project.

This might help

Since you already have all of the parts you can use this as a guide to make sure that what you migrated to your project matches and if you follow the steps, including compiling, it might work.

If not.

Then your project might not have some kind of a control system set up which it should have if you used a 3rd person temple. If you don’t then the process would be similar to setting up a character from scratch including the controls.

Sorry if I can’t supply you with a direct answer but with out seeing your project there is no way to be able to answer why it’s not working.

Awesome, I appreciate you answering me! I will watch these videos you suggested. I think I just need a little more hands on experience, and alot of the questions I have will answer themselves.

don’t forget that the shooter game character blueprint is based on the shootergame character code so things like the weapons and a lot of other stuff won’t be there

THank you so much for all the feedback guys. I ran through the 3rd person tutorial, and everything worked like a charm.