Shooter Game Pawns turning into floating orbs?

Hey there, I’m pretty new to all of this so I could use some help.
In the Shooter Game you can add a new level so you can create your own level/space. While doing this you can still play test with your character (a first person gunman). I migrated some content from a regular starter game and the add-ons from the scifi hallway. Things were going fine until when I went to play my level I became a floating orb (looks kind of like a brush), not a shooter pawn. This did not happen right away, only after the third of fourth time I went to play test. In my world outliner it says Default Pawn. Each time I delete it, it respawns with a new default pawn but a higher number Ex. 01, 02, 03… 25. I opened up a new shooter game and the settings were back to normal. I went to the player/shooter pawn in that and saw that it was labeled as HeroTpp. So i went back to my other game and attempted to drag the corresponding HeroTpp into my Default pawn details space but it rejected the drop.
So then I attempted to simply add a HeroTpp into the game as is and it simply shows up as a side character but not playable.
I don’t know what to do in order to get my pawn back to the standard shooter pawn. If anybody has faced this issue and knows what to do, I would love the help!

I moved your thread as I feel it belongs more in the Blueprint Visual Scripting section than the Content Creation section. Thanks.

sounds like you haven’t set the gamemode in the world properties of yor map

  1. open the world properties window via the windows menu
  2. set the game type you want (suggest shootergame_freeforall) to start with your level


I just tried that and as soon as I launch it to play Unreal crashes. I tried it a few times with different size projects, it crashes every time. Do I need to press build, possibly?

ok i really need to know what you have done / set , as you can see from the pic my project is based on the shooter game , i’ve used the shooter game character and extended it, atm you don’t want to add pawns/characters directly into the level use, the shooter game player start

Yeah, that’s the confusing thing. Nothing was added or set/changed except for migrated material. The space used was exactly like the one above. Some brushes were added, but just to start greyboxing a new level.

ok try with a new simple map, just with the basic map and go from there, there might be an issue with one of the items that you migrated