Shooter Game on iPhone

in the Editor it is possible to create a Mobile Preview of the Shooter Game including Touch controls. That works fine.
BUT, is it possible to package this Mobile Preview, copy the folder on to my iPhone by iTunes and play it?

Or do i need to have a Mac and/or Dev Account for that?


I have not tried to deploy the shooter game myself so I have no idea if it’d work on Mobile…

But to answer your second question, it’s not that simple as you need a developer account with Apple for iPhone development, similar to how you need a developer account with Sony for PS4 development. If you’re signed up, you get a certificate that allows you to package for and run your own apps on the phone.

Unsure if you can package for iOS on Windows machines as I use a Mac.

If you’re interested in setting up to develop on iOS we have some documentation on that here: Getting Started and Setup Guides for iOS and tvOS in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

As for packaging, you’ll have to be on a Mac if you wish to package for iOS at this point in time.

-Max B.