Shooter game making needs help, good help.

Hi, my name is Joran,
I started making a map for a game, just the first TEST map.
It’s based on a map from another game, replicas are permitted.
But now I’m stuck, I need help with my map.
I need some weapons for the game, in toony style.
The first base weapons I wanna make are: replica of a uzi, and a rpg.
Now the biggest problem comes in. When You shoot the rpg, the walls of that house you shoot at must get damaged.
So a damaged model. I already made some. So when you shoot at it, the wall will deform in the model that I made.
Problem, I don’t know how to do it.
I suck at scripting in Unreal Engine, but I love making maps.

Moved your thread as it appears you are asking for help with scripting but not content creation.

You probably want to use morph targets. :slight_smile:

Either use morph targets, a destructible mesh or you could do it with tessellation and with the distance to nearest node (dont know if the last suggestion will work) :slight_smile:

Sorry qudelpeche and thanks :slight_smile:

Blue Man, I don’t know how. I have to learn some, but I don’t know from where I can learn fast and good, or slow and perfect. You could help me if you know some links/videos? But still thanks :smiley:

fighter5347, I don’t know what you mean with destructible mesh, I think I kinda know what you mean, but what I mean is, I want to make it like, where you shoot, the house will be broken. I made alot of those models, a different wall model to fit any kind of broken piece of wall. Like if you shoot near the corner, the hole or part that will be broken will be just on that place or a little bit off, but it just has to look broken, on a natural way, not like things just gone and nowhere to find. It’s hard to tell, am just Dutch…
If you have some tips, just the same as I asked Blue Man, I really need them, so that would be helpful. Thanks btw :slight_smile:

I found a good video tutorial (if you use Blender this tutorial is going to be perfect for you) and I will also post here link for ue4 morph targets documentation

Youtube tutorial

Ue4 documentation

welcome to ue4 forums and feel free to ask if you need something! :smiley:


Destructible mesh youtube tutorial

Part 1

Part 2

Sorry,that two links just doesn’t want to work for me :stuck_out_tongue:

just copy and paste it in the search bar