Shooter Game: How toggle Third Person (TPS) mode

Not 100% positive it will work, but you could try adding a new Camera actor to your scene, and make it a child of your character by dragging it on top of that actor in the list. Once you’ve done that, position it however you want to look. In your level blueprint, “add Event Begin Play” and “Set View Target With Blend” and connect the exec line from begin play to set view target. Then add a reference to your Camera by selecting it in your level and right clicking, then selecting add reference. Right click again and add “Get Player Controller”. Connect the player controller return value to “Target” in the “Set View Target With Blend” node, and the Camera Reference to the “New View Target”.

Compile and save and try it out :slight_smile:

Can the Shooter Game Demo Game from the Market Place be changed to Third Person (TPP) by changing settings and Pawns in the Blueprints alone?

How do should I go about changing it to a Third Person Shooter?


Thanks! I will try that.

I’m trying something similar the camera that I create in PlayerPawn doesn’t seem to be accessible by the level blueprint. How would I go about by doing this?

create a spring arm in your character blueprint, then add a camera actor as its parent. name the camera TPCam (third person camera). when you toggle third person, set your third person mesh to “Owner No See = false” and set your first person mesh to “Owner No See = true” and set active camera to TPCam. i think this will work, it has worked for me in every project ever.