[Shooter game] Getting the FP hand on the eyeheight level during crouch

Hey guys,
I am trying to do a small prototype using the Shooter game as a base. First major issue I discovered is about crouching. So I got it activated in the pawn and hooked it up in the blueprint, but the only thing that is happening right now is the adjustment for the eyeheight. Which is great but it now it looks like I have the camera at the balls of the character since the first person hands and the gun is still in its original location. Just changing the relative location of the first person mesh has no effect. Does anyone has an idea how to fix this?

Create a bool eg isCrouching

When the player crouches set it to true.

When the bool is true , move the camera to the new position.

When the player stands back up set bool to false move camera back to original position

Edit having thought about it, the camera is probably attached to a bone socket which would make things more difficult.

Do like I said above except just have two cameras. Eg main cam, crouch cam

One is normal then have a crouched camera set up where you want it.

When bool is true simply enable one camera and disable the other etc

I am guessing he already has the camera movement down, as it seems to say that. I think what is missing is an animation for the arms when in crouch mode.

I would think with the built in tools in UE4, you could copy the animation you are using and modify the new one so the arms move down with the camera… sort of create your own animation for that. But I don’t know much about all that.

Indeed, the camera isn’t the issue. I was hoping there would be another way than creating new animations… I started looking into the Animations Blueprint but since I am a little bit under pressure here, I will not have time to worry about that…

Isn’t there a free animation pack on the market that comes with crouching animations or is tht what you’re already using ??

I can check that, but I think the rig in the Shootergame is a different one we than we have in the 4.8+.

Found some time to check the animations. They are all 3rdP only… So I guess there is no way of getting the hands down without adding a complete new animation?!

Set the arm mesh’s location via the Set Location BP node? Perhaps after calling the crouch function, check if crouch is successful and move the arms to the correct position.

Tried that already. I think the animation system is updating on a tick base. Setting it didn’t do anything. :frowning: