shooter game example

Out of curiosity is possible to use this project as a template for another FPS map?

For instance if I delete the map and just create my own, is that possible while still keeping the FPS functionality?

i will give you my suggistion if you do like this you will never understand in future how to use it , like if you want to add or edit any function, then how you will fix this as what you want ?

i suggest you you should learn and build new project from scratch, believe me you will understand how to make it by yourself , and if you face any problem you can ask us here , and we will help you as we can , of curse you should provide screenshot if you have any problem :slight_smile:


But yes, it is possible to create your own map with keeping the fps functionality -> you can choose the game mode in the world properties

OP: Yep that is what it is there for - experimenting. You will also find some grenade launcher functionality in there if you look.

If you want to help, document what you find out about it here at the wiki