Shooter Game Example

Greetings, I am working on a simple Fps game and at the moment i am using the shooter game example as a base as it has all the things i need like a simple inventory system with weapon switching and well like i said everything i need to start with, however i am having a problem, I am trying to make my own UI but it crashes a lot, any suggestions?

thats one problem i am having the other one being i cannot Launch the game anymore. i was able to in past versions but for some reason the latest wont allow me too.

  1. how do you create your own UI? When does it crash? Could you post your log file -> project-saved-logs-the file which gets generated right after the crash
  2. what happens when you try to launch it?
  3. which engine version do you use? :slight_smile:

Ok sorry i should have been a bit more liberal with the info I am using 4.6.1 I create a UI from the HUD and then tell it to display my widget on screen when i use my HUD instead of the built in one it crashes. I would be happy to post the logs if i knew where to find them, and as for the launch it runs threw and then says failed I really like the shooter example as i don’t have to build the whole inventory system from scratch i really don’t know how i would be able to do it otherwise, the game isn’t going to be for sell or anything and i plan on changing models and everything i was going to expand the code base and use it to learn more about C++ but a project .sln does not get generated either. THANK you for taking the time to help me.

How do i upload the files do i need to store them online somewhere else or can i upload directly here?

-You can find the logs here → project-saved-logs-the most recent file which gets generated after the crash
-you have to upload them on gdrive, dropbox,… :slight_smile:

I hope this helps i would really like to continue using the shooter demo but if its not a viable solution i suppose i can work with a template example. thank you for your time and help.

To get up in running, I suggest making a copy of the project folder (My Documents>UnrealProjects>YourProject). In the “Content” folder, open the folder that contains the uasset (Most likely “Blueprints”), sort by date modified, and delete the latest uasset. Then try to open the project. Continue to delete your created uassets one at time and try reopening each time until the project opens. This will eliminate the problem blueprint and prevent you from having to start from scratch. From there you should be able to discern what the conflict is but if you need additional help, you can post to the answer hub.

Well i have tried this with fresh “out of the box” templates and stuff, so im guessing as im typeing this as im running the cooker now that is what is done first. hope this works if not i will try your suggestion. even tho the shooter template is done with c++ it does have some blueprints but i cannot imagine why they would cause issue as i would expect epic to have some quality control on the content released for demonstrations, but given the fact that i don’t think it was intended to run like that maybe im putting my cart befor my horse here.

Managed to apply the shooter template to the maps but how do i change the name of the Shooter Template?

Also, does the Shooter Template have multiplayer functionality by default, if so how does one get this up and running?

It appears to have LAN but it always says 0 player slot.