Shooter game example "hard-coded"

Hi everyone, beginner UE user here. I’ve started modifying the Shooter example, and I’ve quickly modified it into a top-down, click-to-move shooter. I really like it generally, but my question is, is it a best practice in UE to build EVERYTHING in C++, even the crosshair? For example, wouldn’t it be better to handle the UI in blueprints?

Also, they initialize a lot of values in code instead of in UE on the visual interface. Coming from Unity, I see this as it might be problematic because of long iteration times and the general inability of designers to tweak the values.

Can you please enlighten me what is the reason that they did it this way in the example, what’s the advantage of this approach? Am I getting it all wrong (which very well may be the case, since I literally used UE for like 16 hours so far)?


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Hello @tibberceleb :slight_smile:

Before you read my reply, I would like to make clear, that it represents my personal opinion. It is totally fine, if you don’t agree ! :slight_smile:

A big no; Some things are wasted time, to implement in C++.
Both C++ & Blueprints can work in wonderful symbiosis.

But for that, you’ll be in need for a feeling, what is better done in C++ rather than Blueprints or vice versa.

I suggest this Video by Alex Forsythe
Blueprints vs. C++: How They Fit Together and Why You Should Use Both

The main focus is on actions, meant to be run in a tick, algebra operations or custom implementations (E.g Steam / Discord API)

I’m curious, how were you able to get started in coding?
I’m facing frustrating problems with my IDE (Visual Studio)
Syntax Highlighting & Code Completion not working.

Maybe you even wanna consider, my post on how I feel about it:
Horrible C++ IDE Integration & Newcomer Support

Best regards

I think that Shooter game it is an example to learn C++ and suboonline system on different platforms, rather than a best practices for integrating blueprints and C ++
Maybe you check this better:

Btw: Currently I have the intention of converting part of my game to C++ and my main method is to have all the boring part in C++.
And expose myself to functionality in blueprints to be able to make variants as if I were making a mod.