Shooter Game - Changing Spawning for Bots on Sanctuary Map

So I have been editing bits and pieces of the Sanctuary map on the Shooter Game example provided by Unreal Engine. I have one PlayerStart that needs to only be used by the Player and then I want 2 other PlayerStarts that are used by the Bots. The problem is that either the player goes in the wrong Start, or the enemy bots go in the one that only the player should go in. That makes them just target you, then you spawn again, and they’re right there. Making a cycle.
How do I change the relationship with the BotPawns, Player, and PlayerStarts so that it can do what I want?

Another thing I really wanted to have going is the Bots not attacking each other, this doesn’t happen in the Highrise map, and I would prefer if it didn’t happen in the Sanctuary map either.

Any help is appreciated.