Shooter Framework Plugin for FPS/TPS Games

Hi, please bear with me a little for the long post. I’ve been working on a personal project (single player TPS) in my free time and have been working on making core systems for the game in a generic way and wrapping them up in a single plugin so that it’s not limited to a single project (I’m calling the plugin “Shooter Framework”).

Here’s some of the core features:

  • Trace/projectile based weapons

  • Inventory system includes three different modes for keeping weapons: primary/secondary (can keep only two weapons at a time, one primary and one secondary), open (can add any number of weapons) and single-weapon type (can add only one weapon of any given type). Support for saving/loading inventory to disk as well as functions to help “persist” inventory when loading different levels (Take Snapshot/Create Inventory from snapshot)

  • Health/Stamina components

  • Ammo/Medkit pickups

  • Explosives

  • Patrolling AI with UE4’s IGenericTeamAgentInterface exposed to blueprints in a convenient manner for scripting Hostile/Neutral/Friendly behaviors (can be seen at the end of the video)

Plugin itself is completely plug-and-play and can be added to a project at any point of time in development without blueprint migration hell. All systems are designed to be flexible to adapt to the project needs. Provides full blueprint support while being extendible in blueprints and c++. Everything is event driven with important events exposed to blueprints (See screenshots for more info).

Everything is c++ besides the AI behavior tree tasks and services (which is experimental right now). I’m planning to release it on the marketplace after polishing and some improvements. Looking for feedback on how this seems to you as a developer. Is it something you would consider purchasing if you were working on a single-player FPS/TPS? If so, what would be your “perceived” value of the product? What features would you want to see in it (Objective system is already planned to be added in the near future)

Note: This does not include any art assets, animation etc. This is purely meant for gameplay logic and systems. Does not support multiplayer and is meant for single player games.

Screenshots of blueprint classes:

Early demo video:

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