Shooter Demo with different weapons

Hi community, I was playing around with the shooter game demo to test some things and I found a big problem while adding weapons, here are the details:

First person arms are defined on the pawn character, so if I have weapons where the hands must be place in other points (for example a rocket laucher, a gun, etc) I dont know how to do that.

Also, weapon blueprints dont have any kind of location coords for the first person and or orientation

Someone knows a method of adjust position for individual weapons or must be coded?


I don’t have the demo in front of me at the moment, but here are some suggestions for next steps-
First, try to look in the code or the rigging of the weapon model to see where the hands are attached to the weapon. In most Unreal Engine games, the hands are attached to Bones/Sockets on the weapon model labeled something like “LeftHand” and “RightHand”. If you change the model, be sure to set up these sockets in the proper locations.
Second, find the parent class for the first-person weapon and check it - the offset and rotation for the model might be defined in there.

tl;dr - You are going to have to get dirty and look at the code, most likely. But it probably won’t be very difficult.

Thanks for your reply SilentW, I already looked into the code but really I dont understand how UE4 is making the hierachy of classes, I will need to take a hard look.

About the hands, I saw in the editor that they are attached with one single bone, the right hand is attached to the root bone of the weapon, or atleast the example weapons doesnt have any other bones either than the magazine bone, I tryed moving it but it does not affects to the left hand possition.

Finally I figured out a way, but its not the best, by simply making first person arms invisible and spawning a weapon with arms included, sure I need to animate them like a traditional FPS game, but this way I will have especial arms/animations/ for each weapon.

About the weapon rotation, with the method I figured out I should be able to control it trought 3Dmax, but its a bit annoying because it needs of tryal and error. (I didnt found any param on the skelmesh viewer to modify the default location/rotation)

If someone finds a better way I woula like to know about.


---- Update ----

Here is a video of the result of my solution: