Shooter Bots that can miss?

I downloaded UE4 today, so I’m very new. I’ve been looking at downloaded examples to try and learn some basics. I admit that I need to watch all of the BluePrint tutorials and I probably will tomorrow. While trying out Shooter Game, I came across some confusion that I’d like to learn about, but I’m stumped. I thought that the bots I was playing against were too skilled at aiming, so I decided to look at their BluePrints to learn how they are designed. My thought was to eventually add a feature that randomizes their aiming so that they can miss (once I’ve learned enough). When I got to the BluePrint for shooting at the enemy, I was stumped by how simple it is. How can the bot know what to do from one simple node? How can I change that node to add more complexity? Why can’t I find the Shoot Enemy node in the list? It suddenly became apparent that BluePrints are far more complicated than I expected. Can someone please give me a nudge in the right direction? What obvious things am I not seeing? (Yes, I need to watch those tutorials.)

AI logic is inside C++ code, ShooterGame\Private\Bots\ShooterAIController.cpp. It checks if it sees any pawn and if it does, gets some random point near the pawn and shoots that direction(that part is covered in behavior tree, if i recall correctly).

You either have to extend C++ code or rewrite existing code via blueprints. Stuff is hooked up to each other there, so it would not be enough to simple rewrite that Shoot Enemy node, i suggest you to start with tutorials and do some very simple AI via blueprints, for example extend first-person template; then when you know how stuff works you would be able to change gameplay in shooter sample.


Okay. Thank you very much. That was a great answer. Now I know where to look and how to get going. :smiley: