Shooter AI vs AI ( How to: AI change target after is dead? )

I am having some trouble with my AI system and i would need a little bit of advice.
the problem i’s that how i could make the AI to change target when the enemy it’s dead?

i am using the pawn sensing and from that i created the AI_Faction_generation_BP ( where i have the principal logic ) and i am using a child where i set the AI faction other settings.
After that i am using my AI controller and my Behavior tree and i created a service where i am updating the Enemy target.
Everything it’s working fine except the AI it’s still shooting to the corpse and it’s not changing target ( i also added the (IsDead) bool when the health goes to 0 and i activate the ragdoll.

( i can’t destroy the actor because my AI will loot the corpse inventory after the combat.)

could someone give an example with screenshots or an advice?