Shoot with character integrated weapons

Hey, i got one of the free paragon character but there have already a weapon in there mesh so i cant spawn projectiles from that weapon. Any ideas how i can shoot with the weapon. I also want to us line trace. ^^

better example, ball is socketed with no offset to middle finger bone:


Note, you could socket directly to a bone but adding your own socket gives you a bit more fine control as to exactly where you want the socketing to occur.

I recommend adding a socket to the characters skeletal mesh at the final bone position on the gun.

doing so will let you socket a empty collision that you can use to reference a world position if you need it to always look like the projectile is coming out of the gun during animations.

you can then use that component as a reference for location:


quick example of how the sphere tracks movement along with the skeleton during movement (you can see it bob around with the animation).