Shoot projectile from actor instead of firstperson character

Does anyone know how I can shoot projectiles from an actor blueprint instead of making it shoot from first person character blueprint so I can have custom guns.

Hey @Limegreengamer9y1! Welcome to the forums!

I believe what you are looking for is something along the lines of this non-Epic affiliated tutorial:

I hope the above is the solution you are looking for!

I tried it but it did not work :frowning: any other ideas?

  1. Add the shoot event inside of the gun (preferably as in interface action) this includes bullet spawn logic
  2. Have character use / pickup weapon and assign it as a reference variable
  3. From this reference variable call shoot from within the actor when the event to fire is called.

@3dRaven thanks for the help! You can solve this by when holding a certain weapon set a variable to true so it can shoot its own projectiles if that makes sense :slight_smile: