Shoot 'em Up Following Path?

How in the world does one go about making a Shoot 'em Up that is top down with a slight angle follow a path and change directions like some of those others do? I see them flying like normal, then fly down into a hole below you changing the whole direction of everything and then making even more turns and rotations.

I figured they did this in those crazy Shoot 'em Up’s by splines, but I cannot for the life of me get it working, and reverted to the basic setup I had.

Tried attaching the player to a player area bp that had the bounding boxes and camera following the path and so if it moved and rotated it would hopefully do so to the child, but have the child still be able to move around relatively, but couldn’t get him to keep with that play area bp when it rotates and stuff… Also, was not sure how to make it so that the bullets were similar… From what I can tell, everyone just snaps things directly to spline so I am finding it hard to do that as well, they would just be in the middle of the screen moving along the spline… Tried offsets but idk nothing is working out…

May have to just do a basic top down Shoot 'em Up. Cannot find any tutorials to do these types of things, and this is failing. But I know it is usually more interesting and fun when its doing all this movement instead of just a dull top down view panning. =/

Hi man,
if i got it right you have problem moving some ships on a spline, or in special path ?

You can point in at least 2 ways:
1: Yes you can move an actor on a path, but the path will be a lot recognizable, so , very understanable but could be boring too.
and not very much related to the target location.
2: you can script a “per actor behavior” where they fly toward locations or use some degree of local rotation to fly
this could be a bit more complex, but you could have the bahaviour related to the target and change and adapt.
Resulting in a better flow cut chaotic too i think